Streamline Your Handy Man Service with an App

Thanvi Technologies offers a comprehensive app solution for handy man service businesses. Our app helps you manage your operations more efficiently, from job scheduling to customer communication, providing a seamless experience for both your team and customers.

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Job Scheduling and Management

Our app allows you to schedule and manage jobs efficiently, ensuring timely service.

Customer Communication

The app facilitates clear communication with customers, improving satisfaction and trust.

Payment Processing

We integrate secure payment options for smooth transactions and easy billing.

Performance Tracking

Our app provides insights into job performance and team productivity for continuous improvement.

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Our Handy Man Service App Features:

  • Job Scheduling and Dispatch

  • Customer Feedback and Reviews

  • Inventory and Equipment Management

  • Analytics and Reporting

Case Studies and Examples

Explore how our handy man service app has helped businesses improve operations and enhance customer satisfaction.