hospital management system software in Madurai

Hospital Management Software

It is Modern and Complete Hospital Automation Software that suites to nearly each health facility or clinic from affected person OPD visits to Operation to Pathology Test etc. It consists of 25+ modules with eight built in users (Super Admin, Admin, Doctor, Accountant, Pathologist, Radiologist, Receptionist and Patient) panel.


  • Complete new Hospital Charges with Unit module
  • Referral Commission module
  • Appointment with physician time slot module
  • Patient Queue System
  • Certificate and ID Card module
  • Blood Component and advanced complete Blood Bank module
  • Findings in prescription
  • Overview and Medication in OPD
  • Overview, Nurse Notes, Bed History and Treatment History in IPD
  • Nurse Notes
  • Patient Dashboard
  • Convert Prescription to Pharmacy, Pathology and Radiology invoice
  • Nurse function as device function
  • Audit Trail
  • Patient History
  • Improved complete Pharmacy Billing
  • Improved complete Language Translation module with unmarried string translation
  • Tax primarily based totally on tax category
  • Mark Bed as Unused
  • Bed Group color